Running on Cargo




Adam Stearns is an audio-visual sonic artist and composer. He has recently completed an MSc in sound design and audiovisual practice at the University of Glasgow. His work encompasses fixed media, live performance, installation, and moving image. Inspired by communities, heritage, identity, queerness, and socio-cultural phenomena, Adam’s work often tells a story of a place, person, or community.  He creates participatory art which encourages connection and communication between people.

He also works as a freelance musician, providing musical accompaniment for the Scottish Ballet’s education department  – playing piano and percussion for classes specifically designed for people living with dementia, Parkinson’s and MS, in addition to outreach programs for young people around Scotland. Adam also facilitates various other community orientated music projects around Glasgow, and has been a session musician for many bands in both a live and recorded context. For the past six years Adam has also taught at a summer program in Tokyo as a sonic arts teacher.